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Unmatched Asia Tournament 2023 Entry Ticket

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This Event Ticket lets one person join the Unmatched Asia Tournament 2023 to be held at the CMON Expo Bangkok 2023.  

Unmatched fans can now compete in one of the first Unmatched Asia Tournaments happening at CMON Expo Bangkok. This will mark the beginning of the Acrylic Season in Asia.

The tournament will use Conscript rules as seen in the Unmatched Tournament of UKGE 2023.

You may find the Conscript format here:

Each pool will have up to 16 players.

In each pool, players will conscript characters from a wide selection of Unmatched heroes across multiple sets. They will then play against each other in direct eliminations, until only one champion remains.

The Unmatched Top 3 players stand to share Unmatched merchandise and promos worth $ 130.

The Unmatched Asia Tournament is open for all ages. Head to the CMON Expo Bangkok website now to read more details and to join the Unmatched Asia Tournament.


We will divide participants into two pools of max 16. Each pool of max 16 players will win the following:

  • All 16 players get Houdini Foil Cards and Unmatched Pins as a participation prize
  • After Round 1, Top 8 players get Vol. 2 Foil Cards and move to Round 2.
  • After Round 2, Top 4 players get Acrylic Pack 1 and move to Round 3.
  • After Round 3, the Top 2 Players will battle for 1st and 2nd place in Round 4, while the losing players of Round 3 fight for 3rd place in Round 4.

After Round 4,

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers get a choice of one of the following by winning priority:

Unmatched Adventures, Unmatched Vol. 2, Unmatched: Houdini VS The Genie.

Game:  All released Unmatched sets except Adventures and IP-based sets.

 2-player mode.  Standard rules.

Language:  Game components in English

Tournament Format:

Two groups / pools of max 16 players.

Each pool has 3 elimination rounds. (16>8>4) and 1 Final Round (1v1 Top 2 and 1v1 Battle for 3rd)

Estimated Time of Play:

Total of 3.5-4 hours

  • 45 mins to 1 hour per round

Minimum Players: 4

Maximum Players: 32

Minimum Age: none

Additional rules and mechanics: None

You can redeem your Tournament Ticket at the Tournament and Events desk, Samyan MitrTown Hall, 5th Floor, Bangkok, Thailand on the days of the CMON Thailand Expo. 

Unless due to a cancellation of the Expo, the Event Ticket is non-refundable.