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Marvel United Civil War Clash of Heroes Tournament 2023 Entry Ticket

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This Event Ticket lets one team of two persons join the Marvel United Civil War Clash of Heroes Tournament 2023 to be held on the first day, November 4, at the CMON Expo Bangkok 2023.  

Civil war has broken out amongst the Superheroes. Players form teams to rescue innocent bystanders, knock out thugs, control various parts of the city and take out their opponent Superheroes. Only the victorious team each day gets to be crowned champion!

For the first time in Asia, the Civil War PVP expansion for Marvel United is revealed! In a modified tournament format, players now have a chance to play the Clash of Heroes Mode from the recent Marvel United: Multiverse Kickstarter.

Anyone attending CMON Expo Bangkok may join by getting a Tournament Ticket.

Prizes:  The top prizes are:

  • Grand Winner: Marvel United full Kickstarter Pledge Set

All participants will also get a pack of two Marvel United promo decks from the following heroes -- Grey Hulk, Juggernaut, X-Force Deadpool, and Mister Sinister


  • Marvel United. Special Civil War format rules (Clash of Heroes).  Competing game for teams of 2-players.

Tournament Format:

  • First round random pairings
  • Three Swiss rounds (all teams); then
  • Final (top 2 teams)

Tournament Scoring:

  • Winning team scores 1 Victory point per win
  • Draws, both teams will score ½ Victory point each
  • Ties decided on total points scored during the matches

Tournament Schedule:

1000-1130hrs - Registration

1130-1200hrs - Players Briefing

1200-1300hrs - Round 1

1300-1330hrs - Break

1330-1430hrs - Round 2

1430-1530hrs - Round 3

1530-1600hrs - Break

1600-1700hrs - Round 4

1700-1800hrs - Clash of the Champions (Top 2 Cut)

1800-1830hrs - Prize Presentation

Language:  Game components in English

Minimum Players: 4

Maximum Players: 16

Minimum Age: None

Additional rules and mechanics: 

You can redeem your Tournament Ticket at the Tournament and Events desk, Samyan MitrTown Hall, 5th Floor, Bangkok, Thailand on the days of the CMON Thailand Expo.

Unless due to a cancellation of the Expo, the Event Ticket is non-refundable.