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King of Tokyo Asia Tournament 2023 Entry Ticket

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This Event Ticket lets one person join the King of Tokyo Asia Tournament 2023 to be held at the CMON Expo Bangkok 2023.  

The beloved King of Tokyo comes to Thailand, calling out challengers and contenders. Do you have what it takes to battle the King of Tokyo, and be the undisputed King of the game?

Play in three and four player games of King of Tokyo until only one emerges as champion.

Everyone who joins the tournament is already a winner. All participants get King of Tokyo collector’s dice and Hug Season cards as participation prize.

And this year’s Top 4 players stand to share prizes of King of Tokyo merchandise and promos worth $ 250.

The King of Tokyo Asia Tournament is open for all ages. Head to the CMON Expo Bangkok website now to read more details and to join the King of Tokyo Asia Tournament.


All 64 participants receive exclusive IELLO Collector Dice and Hug Season Cards.

After the 1st round, the Top 32 players win a KOMI Goodie Crystal Dragon and Kawaii Ju Monsters.

The Top 16 players proceed to Round 2.

The Top 4 players receive a King of Tokyo exclusive bag and the King of Tokyo: Even More Wicked! Micro-expansion.

After the final round, the Top 3 players  also receive a King of Tokyo Monster Pack. (Anubis, Cthulhu, Cybertooth, or King Kong)

The 2nd placer also wins a copy of King of New York.

The Grand Winner, the true King of Tokyo, wins a copy of King of Tokyo Dark Edition, and a copy of King of Monster Island.

Game:  King of Tokyo (Base game only) in 4-player mode.  Standard rules.

Language:  Game components in English

Tournament Format:

  • Three Single Elimination rounds (all players)
    • round 1: 16 tables with 4 players
    • round 2 : 4 tables with 4 players
    • round 3 : 1 table with 4 players

Estimated Time of Play:

Total of 2.5-3 hours

  • 45 mins to 1 hour per elimination round

Minimum Players: 4

Maximum Players: 64

Minimum Age: none 

Additional rules and mechanics: None

You can redeem your Tournament Ticket at the Tournament and Events desk, Samyan MitrTown Hall, 5th Floor, Bangkok, Thailand on the days of the CMON Thailand Expo.

Unless due to a cancellation of the Expo, the Event Ticket is non-refundable.