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CMON Expo Bangkok 2023 Blind Box

Save 50% Save 50%
Original price $200.00
Original price $200.00 - Original price $200.00
Original price $200.00
Current price $100.00
$100.00 - $100.00
Current price $100.00

The 2023 Blind Box is a bundle of surprise games that you can get an amazing value!

Each box is guaranteed:

  • To contain at least 3 different board games;
  • Worth a total minimum value of US $ 200 in MSRP, with some lucky boxes going up as high as US $ 400 in MSRP value;
Chance to Obtain: Value of Box
75% $ 200 - $ 270
15% $ 271 - $ 360
 10% $ 400 or more


Over 50 different board game titles from different publishers are part of the pool of games you can get from the Blind Boxes.  All games have English language rulebooks.

Only 300 Blind Boxes will be available!  Once they are sold out, they are gone!

And, as a special BONUS:  3% of the Blind Boxes have a “Golden Ticket” inside!  If you are one of the lucky ones to get a Golden Ticket, you will get a FREE CMON Kickstarter Retail Pledge worth at least $ 200, with all add-ons and stretch goals. 

You can claim the Blind Box at CMON Expo Bangkok 2023, at Samyan MitrTown Hall, 5th Floor, Bangkok, Thailand on November 4-5, 2023.